Trip from Izmir or Bodrum airport to Aqua fantasy resort hotel

Trip from Izmir or Bodrum airport to Aqua fantasy resort hotel 

Wanting to explore the beauty of Turkey this holiday season? If yes, do Aqua fantasy resort hotel. Travelling here is easy and smooth as you will have both coach and taxi services available at ease. Keep reading to learn more.

Travelling to Aqua fantasy resort hotel by coach?

The transfer by coach to Aqua fantasy resort hotel takes about two hours since the coach will go to different hotels. It will stop for a comfort break in the middle as well. It is very comfortable and easy to travel in. If you have kids and want to travel by coach, book one for yourself immediately. The distance from Izmir or Bodrum airport to aqua fantasy resort hotel is just eighty kilometres which means you can reach your destination easily. Plus the drivers and locals speak in English which gives you very little things to worry about.

Taxi services

If you want to make use of the taxi services after spending your holiday at Aqua park fantasy resort hotel, don’t hesitate. You can book for transfers between vacations and can travel long distances as well. The price can be negotiated  and since the rates are mostly reasonable, you can travel at ease without a worry.

Procedure of travelling

Aqua fantasy resort hotel transfers have easy taxi services that make travelling fun and smooth. It is exceptional and comes with private car services as well. The name and contact number of your driver shall be given and you will dropped to your next destination on time. All details will be given to you for further adjustment.

Whats it like to stay at the Aqua fantasy resort hotels?

Located at the beautiful and pristine Pamucak beaches of Turkey, Aqua fantasy resort hotel is a five star resort you would love to holiday in on your visit here. It has a extensive water park and over seven restaurants where you can relax and taste some of the most exotic and delicious foods of all kinds. Coffee and tea making facilities are also present for those who love warm drinks. Also if you want some sauna and hammam, Aqua fantasy is the perfect destination for young, old and people of all ages. Also don’t forget to try Italian and Mexican foot at Marios. You will absolutely love it.

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