Selcuk Transfer

Selcuk Transfer- making the distance in luxury

 Selcuk is such a magical destination in Turkey that offers you a blend of classical-conventional entertainments over a single interface. Selcuk Transfer is the most comfortable connectivity between the city and the airports, closest to it

Are you planning for your vacation ahead? If you are determined that you would make the upcoming vacation the most memorable, step in confidence towards Selcuk, where tourists around the world gathers for a deep rejuvenation and relief from the hardships of the day-to day life.

Magical Selcuk- Some of the features of the place

Selcuk is headquarters of the district, similarly named that comes within the Turkish province of Izmir. As a landmark of the city, the ancient township of Ephesus holds relevance, lying at a distance of two kilometers to the north-east. The sites of attraction lie to the ruins of the ancient fort, the “Isa Bey” mosque, the edifice of ancient public library, the monuments raised during the Ottoman reign. This township had endured through the phases of the Turkish, Ottoman and Grecian supremacy for which the orientations of life, even in concurrent times comprises of the aroma of those days that makes it vibrant and striking. Asides, the pictorial landscapes and the heavenly scenic beauty are some other traits that await your arrival.  Coming here in the months of January you will catch up the unique championship on camel wrestling or the parachute championship that gets staged around the last weeks of the month of August. The mention of these traits is just to exhibit the potentials that the place hold to offer for your entertainment and these are just few of the examples with arrays of other parked in the line.

Commuting to the place safely

To reach to Selcuk, you would be getting two airport terminals; one is the Adnan Menderes Airport Izmir and other the Bodrum Airport. From both these locations, there is the availability of the private Selcuk Transfer that would take you to your destination in comfortable and luxurious cars, thus relieving you of the jetlag of the long flying that you took to reach to the Turkish airports. 

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