The city of Kusadasi


The city of Kusadasi is an important coastal area of the Turkey. This is a great place and people from all over the world come in here for the search of beauty and grace. The city is gifted with many things.

There is the mountain border that decks the city with delightful elegy of big boulders. The city is full of the hustle and bustle of the life so people from all over the world flock here. The city is thus a sorted after place.

The city is about 100 kms from the airport of Selcuk. The places like the Mermeris and trhe Soak fall ij the way. The city of Kusadasi is about equal distances between the Bodrum and Izmir airport that is about an hour or a bit more. The didim and the Bergama is about 3 hour route from the Kusadasi. The fact of this place is that you can be travelled here from any places.

The city

The city of Kusadasi is the finest in Turkey. This is a beach resort town. The mountains guard the same and the sea is the frontier. Ships come in and go off from various countries. The city is gifted with the modern and ancient feats. There are the ancient Byzantine church and the modern restaurants. There are the bustling market places and the malls. The churches and the mosques at the city are the abodes of peace. The city is decked with the natural beauty. The great watch towers remind of the glorious past. The national park is the delight to the eye. It appears that nature herself had decked the city with her graces. The nature has beautified the city with ornaments.


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