Hotel Sunday Beach Transfer

Hotel Sunday Beach Transfer

When it comes to the selection of a hotel in the area of Kusadasi then the Hotel Sunday Beach Transfer is the best option. This hotel offers state of the art facilities and guides you to a fine holiday at Kusadasi. This hotel is at the heart of the beach city and the scenic beauty of the hotels is extremely well. The hotels are specially equipped with the modern amenities. The rooms are studded with the modern equipments. The lounge faces the sea and beckons the majesty of the same with open arms. The food serviced is among the finest in the town and the room service is very well.

The town of Kusadasi

Kusadasi is a beach resort at the heart of the country. At the side of the Aegean Sea this is a gateway to Turkey. Hauled for a long time for being a famous port, the Kusadasi is the abode to people from all around the world. When you are in Hotel Sunday Beach Transfer then you get the best of the transfer services to roam around the city with great ease and comfort. The city has majestic mosques and the famous churches. The mountains are guiding the gates of the city and the exquisite evenings are hailed by the birds which are going back home from the ocean front. The beaches are great and they give the best view of the sun rise and the sun set.

When you are at Kusadasi you must visit the Byzantine castle and the museum.

The transfers

The bodrum airport transfer is best from the hotel. The hotel has 24 * 7 transfer facilities from the airports. The transfer is safe and comfortable. They offer the best cars for the ensured travel. While you travel in and around the city, the Hotel Sunday Beach Transfer shall tend you with the best of the services.

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